Kiss of the Gypsy’ (KOTG) was a five piece UK Rock Band that recorded and toured extensively between 1990 and 1993. 


The original line up of Tony Mitchell (Vocals & Guitar) George Williams (Keyboards) Daz Rice (Guitar) Scott Elliott (Drums) and Martin Talbot (Bass) began writing and recording material for their debut album in 1990. The band were produced and managed by Jethro Tull drummer Barrie Barlow.


After signing to Atlantic Records in the summer of 1990 the band began a rigorous period of recording and live performance. KOTG’s Live shows received rave reviews from the UK Rock Press and a string of support and headline tours followed.


In 1992, the band released their eponymously titled debut album on Atlantic Records. The album received five star reviews prompting further prestigious support shows, headline gigs and TV appearances.


KOTG quickly established themselves as a hard working band. Their rise to notoriety was a journey fuelled by years of performing in bars and clubs throughout the UK and abroad. They shared a strong bond as musicians and as people. Despite the challenges of the music business they remained great friends. 


But the rock music scene was undergoing change.


In 1993 a new wave of US ‘Grunge’ bands exploded onto the world stage redefining the landscape of rock music forever.


By the mid nineties the KOTG band mates had all moved on to pursue solo projects and careers in music and beyond. The success they achieved in the early nineties defined them and the stories and memories from that journey are legendary.


In 2022, the KOTG journey continues with the unveiling of a

30th anniversary project; ‘KOTG 30’


‘KOTG 30’ sees four of the original band mates, George Williams (Keyboards) Daz Rice (Guitar) Scott Elliott (Drums) and Martin Talbot (Bass) reuniting to write and record an EP of new KOTG material to celebrate the 1992 albums 30th anniversary.


The band are joined by renowned UK musician, singer, songwriter and producer Chris Clancy as main vocalist and frontman. With over 15 years working as a signed artist and producer - 'Mutiny Within', 'Wearing Scars' - Chris brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the band.


The ‘KOTG 30’ project will provide a platform to showcase what the band would sound like in 2022.


The new tracks will pay homage to the musical style and spirit that made ‘Kiss of the Gypsy’ unique, whilst also featuring some exciting contemporary elements and collaborations including lead vocals. 


‘KOTG 30’ is an opportunity for the remaining four ‘Kiss of the Gypsy’ band mates to create some new music in 2022, to celebrate their successes from back in ‘92 and to have some fun on the journey. 


The project is currently in Pre-Production with a release planned for early summer. 

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